• Periodic Inspections

  • The State of North Carolina requires that all occupancies other than one- and two-family residences undergo periodic fire inspections on a structured schedule.  The Town of Elkin places the responsibility for conducting these inspections in the capable hands of certified code enforcement officials with the Elkin Fire Department.

    According to Section 106 of the North Carolina State Fire Prevention Code, inspections are to occur at a frequency no less than the following:

    Inspected Annually
    Assembly occupancies (classified A-1 through A-5) with an occupant load of 100 or more, except churches and synagogues
    High hazard occupancies (classified H-1 through H-5)
    High-rise occupancies, regardless of classification, with a high-rise occupancy defined as any occupancy with an occupied floor more than 75 feet above the lowest level of fire department access)
    Institutional occupancies (classified I-1 through I-4)
    Residential occupancies (classified R-1 through R-4), except one- and two-family residences

    Inspected Every Two Years
    Educational occupancies (classified E) except public schools
    Industrial occupancies (classified F-1 or F-2)

    Inspected Every Three Years
    Assembly occupancies (classified A-1 through A-5) with an occupant load of less than 100
    Business occupancies (classified B)
    Churches and synagogues, regardless of occupant load
    Mercantile occupancies (classified M)
    Storage occupancies (classified S-1 through S-2)
    Miscellaneous occupancies (classified U)

    Public schools must undergo fire inspections twice each year in accordance with the requirements of NCGS 115C-525.

    The schedule of fees adopted by the Town of Elkin establishes the fees and fines administered as part of this fire inspection program.

    Fire inspections are meant to provide for the safety of the community by ensuring compliance with applicable provisions of the state’s fire code and related town ordinances.  The state fire code may be viewed by clicking on this link.

    The EFD offers a letter (click here to access the letter) to property owners, developers, and occupants that summarizes important parts of the periodic fire code inspection program.  The letter also provides a listing of many of the items fire code enforcement inspectors will be evaluating during their inspections.  In particular, a handful of those items are marked in bold type, indicating they are among the most frequently cited fire code violations.  Please feel free to view this letter and to use it in preparation for forthcoming inspections to property you own, manage, or occupy.