• Part-Time Positions

  • The Elkin Fire Department is currently accepting applications from those interested in becoming part-time firefighters.  For more information, click the appropriate link below.

    EFD recruitment notice – part time firefighter

    These positions require the submission of a completed Town of Elkin EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION, along with an Authorization for Background Check and a Consent for Drug and Alcohol Screening.  Before submitting an application, be sure to review the appropriate posting as other materials may be required in addition to the completed application form.

    Those seeking employment with the Elkin Fire Department or most fire departments are highly encouraged to accomplish the following:

    • Visit a fire station and consider taking part in a ride-along program to learn more about the profession
    • Become a volunteer firefighter (click here for information about volunteering with us)
    • Become certified as a firefighter
    • Become credentialed as an EMS provider (EMT or paramedic levels are generally preferred)
    • Pursue and complete a college degree program, especially one in a field such as fire science, fire safety engineering, or emergency medical services
    • Develop and maintain an exceptional level of physical, mental, and emotional fitness
    • Maintain a clean driving record and criminal record
    • Perfect your communication and math skills