• Volunteer Positions

  • The backbone of our organization is the volunteer firefighter, the person willing to set their normal life aside in order to protect the lives and property of others.  Yet there is far more to being a volunteer firefighter than simply going into burning buildings. Today’s firefighters are also specialists in providing pre-hospital medical care and in dealing with hazardous materials spills and leaks.  They are representatives of the community as a whole, rendering aid to anyone regardless of their background or beliefs.  They are educators, teaching young and old about safety and danger.  They are role models, displaying  values and capabilities that everyone can appreciate. And they are dedicated to their craft, putting in time through training, maintenance, and other activities to make sure both they and the whole department are ready to face whatever may come.  It is not always easy or pleasant, but those who choose to take part are rewarded with a sense of pride and belonging that are incomparable with anything else.  It is for this reason that so many who become firefighters stick with it for years and years.  If commitment, camaraderie, and challenge are words that interest you then firefighting is definitely something you should consider.

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